This Week…


  1. Process of Discovery (pt 2)
    1. Students are to complete the See-Wonder-Think-Sketch handout (front and back) for 6 artifacts from the packet of 41 artifacts.
    2. Students are to complete a regular See-Wonder-Think in their notebooks for the remaining 35 artifacts.
    3. Both are due 2.1.17, end of class.
    4. Students will fill out their Artifact/Trend Chart #1
    5. Students will watch the documentary “The 50s” and complete the video note assignment.
    6. Evidence from the video will be entered into the Artifact/Trend Chart #1.


  1. 4.3 is PAST DUE but still need to be completed.
  2. 4.4 is PAST DUE
  3. 4.5 is TBA
  4. 4.6 is TBA


  1. Classical Age: Roman Empire is PAST DUE
  2. Classical Age: Life in Rome is PAST DUE
  3. Classical Age: “True History” is PAST DUE
  4. Middle Ages: Characteristics is due 2. 1.17
  5. Middle Ages: Feudalism is due 2.3.17
  6. Middle Ages: “Beowulf” is due 2.7.17

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