11.28-12.20 (updated)

On These days…


With the entry station long out of the way for most students, we are attacking the next three before Christmas break begins on 12.20.16. All three (Lewis & Clark; Fur Trade; Christian Missionaries) need to be completed by 12.19 in order to have the remaining station (Oregon Trail) completed upon return from Christmas break. There are informal deadlines along the way to ensure students are staying on task. The 2nd station should have been completed by 11.23.16. The 3rd station should be finished by 12.7.16. The 4th by 12.19.16. The final station, Pioneers & The Oregon Trail, is due 1.20.17. All 5 stations need to be completed no later than Jan 20th. (Please see the main menu for these assignments.)

For those who finish the 5 stations early, additional exploratory research into the covered material is provided.


As more students complete the chapter 3 game journal and exit poster, we are ramping up our participation in our next major project: The Great Lakes Scientific Research Project. This will take many weeks to finish, perhaps into next quarter if needed. (Please see the main menu for these assignments.) Many students have completed stations 41., 4.2 and 4.3.

3 students still have not completed their chapter 3 game journal. This must be completed by the time we come back from Christmas break.


The “What is Fantasy Fiction?” work station is long past due, but can still be completed for full credit. However, we are pressing on in our study of science fiction’s history by researching the development of fantasy fiction and how it slowly gave birth to science fiction. Currently students are exploring The Bronze Age, with two more to be explored: The Classical Age and The Middle Ages. (Please see the main menu for these assignments.)

Several students have finished the Bronze Age project and have begun the Classical Age project.


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