1. Many students are STILL finishing the Entry Point Station: Sea and Land Explorers. This was due 11.10.16. It will be a zero in the grade book until it is completed.
  2. Those finished are completing the next of three stations: Lewis & Clark, The Fur Trade or Christian Missionaries. These three stations must be completed by 12.19.16.
    1. Video and Handout links to these stations can be found in the main menu.
    2. To maintain timely use of class time, a zero will be entered in the grade book if one of the three stations is not turned in by 11.23.16, and will stay a zero until completed.


  1. Students are working on the 3.4-3.8 map game and journal. This is due 11.23.16.
  2. The Exit Poster for Chapter 3 is due 11.30.16.
  3. Students who have completed ch. 3 assignments and projects are beginning chapter 4 Great Lakes Scientific Research Project. Access to the first 2 research stations can be found at the top menu of this website.


  1. Some are wrapping up the Story Station for “There Will Come Soft Rains”.
  2. We beginning a new direction in the class. How did science fiction start?


For the next several weeks we will explore how sci-fi started by exploring its beginnings as Fantasy Fiction, beginning with The Bronze Age. Access to this unit can be found in the main menu of this website: THE (REAL) HISTORY OF SCI-FI.


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