On These Days…


  1. Many students are working on Entry Point Station: Sea and Land Explorers. This is due 11.10.16
  2. Those finished may start with the next of three stations: Lewis & Clark, The Fur Trade or Christian Missionaries. These three stations must be completed by 12.19.16.
    1. Video and Handout links to these stations can be found in the main menu.


  1. Several students are struggling to get get caught up with late work, mostly 3.1-3.3.
  2. Others are working on the 3.4-3.8 map game and journal.


  1. Students continue working through the story station for “There Will Come Soft Rains”
    1. Setting-Plot handout is past due
    2. Character Map is past due
    3. Finding the Theme handout will be past due 11.10.16
    4. Connecting to History is due 11.15.16
    5. Thematic Analysis is due 11.18.16

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