After we passed back Friday’s reading assignment, we used the answers to create a concept definition map for “SPANISH EXPLORATION OF THE NEW WORLD”. We used slavery, conquistadors, disease, colonies and missions as examples. We discussed the topic in groups and as a class and handed it in.

Next we began the documentary “America Before Columbus”. We took notes on the following, which covers the first half of the video:

Screen shot 2015-09-21 at 3.22.54 PM

We managed to get 15-20 minutes through the first half. If you were absent, go to the link to get caught up:


We discussed the 1.4 map activity:



We discussed the questions at the end of “The Legends of St. Patrick”. (The questions were rewritten by the teacher because he felt the originals were too complex. Those students who had already answered the original questions will get full credit.)

  • Review the notes and highlights you took on each legend using the READ WITH A PENCIL strategy.
  • According to each legend, what did St. Patrick accomplish?
  • Did the legends of St. Patrick actually occur? (What types of evidence proved the legend? Was there evidence to disprove the legend?)
  • What questions do I have about the evidence presented? (What more information do I need to draw a more accurate conclusion about St. Patrick?)

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