In two weeks our classrooms will fire up for another 9 month run at education. If you haven’t already began tuning your brain into back-to-school mode, now is the time to get your mind and body ready.

  1. Consider earlier bedtimes. Get that extra rest you will need. Start pushing back those 2 or 3 am bed times to a reasonable midnight.
  2. Consider earlier rise & shines. You can’t keep sleeping in until noon. Start getting up earlier over the next two weeks so the shock on your soul will not be the fires of hell on September 1st.
  3. Start reading. I mean, real reading, like history, health, short stories. Do some math problems. Surely you’ve been tuning up on IXL, right?
  4. Exercise. Football has started. Volleyball, cross-country and soccer are getting ready. What about the rest of you? Watching videos and playing videos is not on the aerobic menu. Go swimming. Ride bikes. Why not an authentic lightsaber battle high atop a crumbling superstructure in molten lava? (Just saying…)

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