Self-evaluations of character maps. A few maps were highly detailed in both the personal reflection and evidence collected to help write the personal reflection. However, several students turned in weak reflection. Through observation of a few turned in yesterday, the amount of evidence collected was weak, usually in very brief snippets, which corresponded with the lack of in-depth personal reflection. Based on this I created a self-assessment tool to have students reflect on their responses and evidence to see if there responses were in-depth and if not, why. Was it the lack of evidence produced? Three students admitted during class that they were simply starting over, that it was obvious they had not put forth the effort needed. We are still in the middle of this activity. More tomorrow.



We reviewed 2.6 and finished part three. Tomorrow we start 2.7.


We continued outlining our first drafts. Yesterday we outlined our introduction (see 11.5.14) and today we began outlining the main body. We chose one paragraph from the body to demonstrate how to outline it. The outline for the essay is due tomorrow, end of class.



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