10.31.14 (Boo!)


Setting/Plot: “What do I think?”

  • Please explain in a QuickWrite paragraph what you have learned about the story.
    • Focus on setting and plot.
    • Review the information from your group poster (and if needed, your story answers).
  • When you have finished, review the seven themes discussed in class. Explain which theme seems to best fit the story.
  • Review the thematic statements. Which statements seems to be the message of the story?


Turned in late work. Worked on 2.5.

Learning Target: “I can identify and use various types of thematic maps.”

Student Talk: What is a vegetation zone? How do plants survive inside different environments?

Read Section 2.5

  • Identify vocabulary: arid, desert, humid continental, vegetation zones
    • Define them as they are described in the reading. (nothing else!)
    • Reflect: What does this word have to do with understanding thematic maps.
  • What plant has adapted to an extreme environment? Describe this vegetation zone using the graphic on p. 32-33 and the climagraph on p. 30-31.
  • What vegetation zone contains no plant life? Use the climagraph on p. 30-31 to describe the highest temperature of this vegetation zone.
  • “Like climate zones, vegetation zones are affected by their location on Earth.” Please explain why northern Africa is mostly desert and desert scrub, with tropical grasslands in the south. Carefully examine the map on p. 33, the graphic on p.32-33 and the global map in the room to help you answer this question. (Work with a partner on this one.)

Reflection: “I am meeting the learning target because I did _______________________.”


Turned in posters–finished or not. Handed in graphic organizers for chapter two.



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