Students went over the answers to their in-text questions with partners or with their entire groups. We will coalesce this discussion into class information on setting, plot and characters over the next few days.


We completed 2.4 (climate zones) from Friday (10.24.14). Tomorrow we will move onto vegetation zones.


To redirect and assess student progress on the poster projects, I created a two simulated paragraph responses, one for the Olympic Peninsula and the Puget Lowlands. Both regions were next to each other on the white board and indicated some similar characteristics. The paragraphs were highlighted according to location, climate, physical features, vegetation and wildlife. I asked students to discuss with one another how the corresponding characteristics indicated a variation or difference between the two regions. We highlighted each to see how both revealed differences between the regions’ various factors. Students indicated that they understood that their paragraphs were to show the same types of differences from region to region. Then we resumed the project.


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