Today we emphasized the skill of analysis, particularly the difference between denotation and connotation. (Ask your student to see if they know the difference.) Questions for the story are to be completed over the weekend and returned on Monday.


Learning Target: “I can identify and use various types of thematic maps.”

Student Talk: What is a climate zone? How does location affect climate?

Read Section 2.4

  • Identify vocabulary: climate zones, precipitation, climagraph
    • Define them as they are described in the reading, provide an illustration, list characteristics of the words and words related and NOT related (opposites) to the vocabulary word.
    • Reflect: What does this word have to do with understanding thematic maps.
  • What factors make up the climate in a climate zone?
    • Use the climagraphs to identify the climate (temperature and precipitation) of the marine west coast in October.
  • How does latitude and elevation affect climate?
  • Use the map on p. 31 and the graph on p. 30-31 to identify and describe the climate zones of Australia.

Reflection: “I am meeting the learning target because I did _______________________.”


The first of class we reviewed what was expected from the presentation project assigned yesterday. After much discussion, the students reassessed and determined that the posters should demonstrate the differences in the characteristics between the seven geographical regions. Then, the students resumed working on their research and paragraphs for the posters.


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