Finding the theme of sci-fi cartoon. Discussed character map of Duck Dodgers.


Completed the outline (preview of chapter two) and began reading 2.1:

Learning Target: “I can identify and use various types of thematic maps.”

Student talk: What is a thematic map?

Read section 2.1:

  • Identify vocabulary: thematic map
    • Define it as described in the reading, provide an illustration, list characteristics of the words and words related and NOT related (opposites) to the vocabulary word.
    • Reflect: What does this word have to do with understanding thematic maps?
  • How did John Snow use a map to discover how cholera was spread?
    • Restate the question as a statement. Answer the question. Provide details.
      • Find details for your answer by creating a storyboard that shows the step-by-step process Snow used to track the spread of the disease and find its source.

Reflection: “I am meeting the learning target because I did _______________________.”


LEARNING TARGET: “I can understand the seven factors of Washington state’s natural environment.”

Student talk: What is an environment? Is it different from a natural environment?

Read p. 38

  • What is an environment?
  • What is a natural environment?
  • Explain the difference.

Read pp. 39-49. Complete the graphic organizer on the seven natural environmental factors. Work with an elbow or face partner.

  • Define the environmental factor (in-text vocab terms).
  • Identify details (terms, categories, types, measurements, processes) of this factor. Close-read “connecting to” or “focus on” to help you understand the factor.
  • Identify how this factor relates to the state of Washington
  • (in the next part, you will identify these seven factors in each geographical region)

Reflection: “I better understand the seven factors of Washington state’s natural environment because I ___________________________. ”

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