Completed our discussion of the 8 content areas of science fiction. Tomorrow we will “test” what they have learned.


Learning Target: “I can understand how maps are used to locate relative and absolute location.”

Read section 1.4, including the maps and graphics.

  • Identify vocabulary: parallels of latitude, equator, meridians of longitude, prime meridian, international date line, coordinates
    • Define them as they are described in the reading, provide an illustration, list characteristics of the words and words related and NOT related (opposites) to the vocabulary word.
    • Reflect: What do these words have to do with understanding relative and absolute location?
  1. Working in your groups, complete the map stations around the room.
  2. Use the Cities Around the World map on p. 17 and the handout The Global Grid: Longitude and Latitude.
  3. Follow the directions at each station. Use the map on p. 17 as a reference point. Write your answers on the map handout.

Student talk: In what ways have we met this learning target using the map activity?

Reflection: “I am meeting the learning target because I did _______________________.”


  1. Learning Target: “I can explain how Washington state formed during Earth’s geological eras.”

Cenozoic Era Website:

    • Imagine that you are creating a website to share what you have learned on the Cenozoic Era.
    • Within this website, you should have one webpage for each of the following: 1) Cenozoic Era (overview) 2) Olympic Peninsula/Willapa Hills, 3) The Cascade Mountains, 4) The Columbia Plateau, 5) The Olympic Mountains, 6) The Palouse Region, and 7) The Cascade Volcanic Chain. That’s 7 pages total!
    • Each page for the 6 geologic regions should contain information such as location, time, geologic processes and their results. In addition, include images illustrating the geologic processes or the region.
    • To prepare, read p. 18-21. Read with a pen/pencil. Use sticky-notes to help you collect needed notes.
    • Except for titles, all text must be written in complete sentences.
    • Use the website/page templates to guide you.
    • Of the 6 geological regions you are presenting on your website, you may use a bubble map styled format for as many as 3 regions.
  • Reflection: What has this project taught me about the learning target?



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