Due tomorrow is the second summary of the scientific article. We discussed three content areas of science fiction: futuristic settings, futuristic science and technology and artificial intelligence.


We handed in the first vocabulary assignment. Everyone who completed the work, regardless of quality, received a participation grade of 5 pts. We discussed areas of concern, such as properly using complete sentences when writing definitions. Next time, it will be graded for quality.


Due today is yesterday’s (9.24.14) assignment. Today we are examining the Mesozoic Era. The assignment is due tomorrow at the end of class.

Learning Target: “I can explain how Washington state formed during Earth’s geological eras.”

READ section: Mesozoic Era (p. 12, 16-17) & Connecting to Geology (p. 16-17)

Four geologic regions were formed during this era: Kootenay Arc, Okanogan sub-continent, Blue Mountains, North Cascades sub-continent. Choose one of the following strategies to chart your understanding of how each of these four geologic regions were formed.

  • Concept Definition Maps (Use complete sentences. You will lose points if you do not.)
  • Complete one for each geologic region
    1. Main concept (title of geologic region)
    2. (1) Categories (What is it?)
    3. (3-4) Properties (time, geological processes, including tectonic plates)
    4. (1-2) Illustrations (What it looks like)
    5. New definition (How did it influence Washington state’s growth?): _________________
  • Scientific Journal Entries (Do not copy from the text. Use your own words to explain.)
    1. You are a scientist. Write a paragraph journal entry for each of the four geologic regions. Explain how each formed. Include the following:
      1. Time period (years)
      2. Important features and details (geological regions, processes, including tectonic plates)
      3. how these added land mass to Washington state.
  • Reflection: How has my project helped me achieve the learning target?

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