We returned to the science article from last week. Students were to read and summarize a section that had not analyzed. We are practicing HOW to summarize rather than copy from the article.


Finishing the vocabulary from yesterday’s assignment. Tomorrow we begin the map activity.


Learning Target: “I can explain how Washington state formed during Earth’s geological eras.”

READ section: Paleozoic Era

Complete ONE of the following:

1. Concept Definition Map (Bubble map!)

      1. Main concept (Paleozoic Era)
      2. (1) Category (What type of person/place/thing is it?)
      3. (1-2) Illustrations (What it looks like)
      4. (2-3) Properties (Major events/features)
      5. New definition (How did it influence Washington state’s growth?): _________________

2. Scientific Journal Entry

    1. Play the role of a scientist. Write a 2-3 paragraph journal entry that explains the discoveries you’ve made about the Paleozoic Era (events and major features) and its influence on Washington state’s growing landmass. You may include a small sketch to show what you see.
  • On the backside, draw the line where Washington’s landmass began during the Precambrian Eon. Next, add the events and major features that added to the state’s landmass during the Paleozoic Era. What does the state look like now?
  • Reflection: How has my project helped me achieve the learning target?

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