We discussed the article on scientific laws and theories and handed in our written summaries.


We discussed 1.2 reading assignment and began working on the vocabulary for 1.3.

Learning Target: “I can understand how maps are used to locate relative and absolute location.”

Read section 1.3, including the maps.

  • Identify vocabulary: compass rose, cardinal directions, intermediate directions, map legend, map key, map grid, global grid
    • Define them as they are described in the reading.
    • Reflect: What do these words have to do with understanding relative and absolute location?
  1. Working in your groups, complete the map stations around the room.
  2. Use the Marshall Gold Discovery State Historic Park map on p. 15 and the handout Map Titles and Symbols.
  3. Follow the directions at each station. Use the map on p. 15 as a reference point. Write your answers on the map handout.

Student talk: In what ways have we met this learning target using the map activity?

Reflection: “I am meeting the learning target because I did _______________________.”


4th-5th periods: We reviewed Friday’s assignment (9.19.14).

6th-7th periods: We worked to finish late work, especially the assessment regarding uplift, volcanic activity, folding and faulting. With time remaining we reviewed some of Friday’s assignment (9.19.14).


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