Discussed the introduction of the article on Science Laws and Theories. Took notes. Tomorrow, groups will analyze and discuss portions of the article.

Learning target: “I can identify the characteristics of Science Fiction.”

With your group or elbow partner, close-read the introduction and your assigned section. As you do–

  1. Read the headline of the assigned section. In the margins, annotate (note) what you have learned. “I think this section is about ___________________”
  2. Study the graphic-picture. Discuss and explain what the picture is sharing. “This part of the picture shows me ________________.”
  3. Read the article. Circle words you don’t understand.
  4. Underline or highlight sentences or ideas that make sense to you. “This part of the article seems to be saying ____________________.”
  5. Draw boxes around sentences or ideas you do not understand. (Do NOT draw a box around the entire section!)
  6. Based on what we have read, write a brief summary of the main idea. (Do not copy from the article. That is copying. Summarizing means to explain the main point using your own words.)

Reflection: “I am meeting the learning target because I have _______________________.”


Completed yesterday’s reading assignment (1.1). This will be discussed tomorrow and we will move onto 1.2.


We finished yesterday’s assessment questions on Mountain Building Processes. We also wrote down the questions that will be answered for tomorrow’s video on Plate Tectonics.

Video: “Colliding Continents”

  1. Identify the process that formed earth out in space: clumping, glumping, or crumping
  2. What type of rock is considered to be a continental nucleus?
  3. What second supercontinent replaced Vaalbara and contained what would become North America?
  4. What was the fourth and largest ever supercontinent?
  5. Before the Alps became mountains, where did the land reside? How did the Eurasian and African plates form them?
  6. Trick Question: Identify the geologic process that created the Grand Canyon: plate tectonics, mountain building processes or erosion.
  7. What natural disasters will be generated by modern day plate movements?

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