We discussed the concept of SPECULATION, which is what science fiction writers do. We used the Seahawks as an example, trying to predict how they will do this season, using stats, condition of players, schedule, possible playing conditions, and such


We handed in the In Search of Gold reading assignment after discussing it and our map activity from last week.


Today we completed a quick assessment of what we have learned regarding plate tectonics, worth 10 pts.

“What do I know about plate tectonics?”

  1. Identify the four layers of earth, starting with the earth’s surface.
  2. What are tectonic plates? Explain how they move around using the three processes of plate movement.
  3. What is subduction? Why does it happen?

Write your answers with complete sentences and pictures.

Tomorrow we move on to mountain building processes and erosion.

LEARNING TARGET: “I can explain the geological processes that shape the earth.”

READ section: Mountain Building Processes and Erosion

  • Identify vocabulary: mountain building processes, uplift, volcanoes, basalt, vertical eruptions, lahars, volcanic rocks, lateral eruptions, dormant, fissure eruption, fissures, folding, faulting, erosion
    • Define them as they are described in the text.
    • Reflect: What do these words have to do with understanding geologic processes?
  • Uplift, Volcanic Activity, Folding and Faulting contribute to the geological processes that create mountains. Explain how EACH of these creates mountains. Use these terms as part of your answer.
  • STUDY: Connecting to Science: Mountain Building Processes.
    • What do the visual aides show about mountain building and erosion
    • Reflection: How has this contributed to the learning target?

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