Learning target: “I can create my own dictionary definition of science fiction.”

What is Science Fiction?

Write a QuickWrite paragraph that explains your definition of science fiction. To help explain your definition, please use examples from group/class discussions, personal experiences and thematic statements.

Reread your paragraph to make sure you were on task. Due end of class.


LEARNING TARGET: “I can understand how maps are used to locate relative and absolute location.”

Reading with a Pen(cil): Close-read In Search of Gold. Write down questions on the back of the handout.

  • Who discovered gold on the American River in 1848?
  • How did gold production in California spread around the world?
  • “Ores of gold can be formed in two ways.” Explain how using the terms exogenetic and endogenetic.
  • Cite two reasons that gold mining is dangerous for the environment.


LEARNING TARGET: “I can explain the geological processes that shape the earth.”

READ sections: Tectonic Plate Movements & Results of Plate Tectonics

  • Identify vocabulary: divergent, volcanic ridge, transformant, convergent, oceanic plates, continental plates, subduction, uplift.
    • Define them as they are described in the text.
    • What do these words have to do with geological processes?
  • Use pictures and words to explain–
    • What are tectonic plates? How do they move around? Use Divergent, Transformant and Convergent movements as part of your answer.
  • CONNECTIONS: What is the major difference between Continental and Oceanic plates? How does this difference cause subduction?
  • STUDY: Connecting to Science: Plate Tectonics.
    • What can we learn from this to help us answer the questions?
    • What picture show examples of subduction?
  • Reflection: How has this information contributed to the learning target?

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