Learning target: “I can create my own dictionary definition of science fiction.”

STUDENT TALK: When you hear the word science fiction, what ideas, pictures, stories come to mind?

Based on this, what is science fiction? Write this out in a 1-2 sentence definition. “To me, science fiction is….”

Reflection: In what ways have I met this learning target for this activity?

Let’s add to our definition of science fiction…

  1. Take notes on the images and ideas in the video.
  1. Review your video notes. Student talk: what new concepts have you learned about science fiction?
  2. Based on these new concepts, “what is science fiction to you?” Update (rewrite) your definition of science fiction in 1-2 sentences.

Reflection: In what ways have I met this learning target for this activity?


Continuing with Friday’s journaling activity.

Outline Chapter 1 in your reading journals. (How do we outline?)


  1. Chapter title, section heading title/#s and subheading titles
    1. List the chapter title, then in order the section #/headings and subheadings
  2. GeoTerms and keywords
    1. List the GeoTerms. (no need copying the definition)
    2. List the keywords by chapter sections (highlighted in black)
  3. Essential question & graphic organizer
    1. Write the question.
    2. Describe the graphic organizer.
  4. Important maps & graphs
    1. List them by title and the page number #




(Finished Friday’s journaling activity)

Review your chapter one outline: What key concepts & terms will you be studying in this chapter?

  • What concepts & terms sound familiar? (mark with a ‘+’ or checkmark)
  • What concepts & terms are unknown to us? (mark with a ‘?’)
  • What concepts & terms connect to something you have previously learned? (mark with a ‘star’)
  • The chapter “overview” explained how the chapter would be broken up into two sections. Which parts of your outline addresses “geological processes” and the “geological story of Washington”?

Student talk: Discuss with your group the terms & concepts you have found unfamiliar.

Reflection: In what ways have I met this learning target for this journaling activity?





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