Reviewed yesterday’s video (Cheyenne & Lakota). Completed reflective paragraph:

Reflective Paragraph: Video

Based on the video, do you feel the removal of Indians from their native lands was moral and legal? Answer this question in a paragraph using evidence from two specific tribes. Use the following prompting questions to help you.

• What evidence of lifestyle practices make Indian removal morally wrong or morally right?

• What evidence of treaties signed or laws passed allow native lands to be taken? Did the natives participate in these treaties or laws? Did they have the right to challenge their removal in courts?


3rd period:

Began the rest of 9.5:

Part One (partial 9.5): The “Haves” Live Well

Student talk: What is a lifestyle? Cite examples.

• What type of jobs do the middle class of Mexico City have? Does this affect their lifestyle?

• Who belongs to Mexico City’s upper class? What type of lifestyle do they have?

Making Connections: If the Mexican economy suffered hard times, why did the middle class lifestyle suffer and not the upper class lifestyle?

8th period:

High school band concert assembly

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