Continued watching yesterday’s video. Completed Iroquois, Seminoles and Navajo.


3rd period:

In a paragraph, explain how you feel–so far– about spatial inequality. Use the people and places you have studied in 9.4 as part of your answer. Compare or contrast them with the farmers from 9.3

If the learning target is to understand the concept of spatial inequality, underline the words, phrases or sentences that show your understanding.

Read 9.5 A City of “Haves” and “Have Nots”; The “Have Nots” Struggle to Survive

• What does Sylvia Martinez do to earn a living?

• What are the living conditions for Mexico City’s “recent migrants”?

• What does “working poor” mean?

• What are the living conditions for Mexico City’s working poor?

Short video: The Road to Juan’s House

1. Watch the video and take notes only on what you see. Discuss the visual images that show the effects of urban poverty.

2. Watch the video again. Now listen carefully to what is said. Take notes on the following questions:

• Describe how Juan’s parents and others live day to day in their community.

• What circumstances force them to earn such a living?

• How does the community center bring hope to Juan and his community?

8th period:

Completed GeoTerm assignment from 9.2.


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