Periods 1, 2 & 4: Watched and discuss video on the War of 1812 and took notes on how the federalist and democratic republicans turned into the National Republicans and Democratic parties, respectively.

• Federalists oppose the War of 1812 because they see Britain as an ally. Democratic-Republicans favor war as a means to gain more territory held by Native Americans.

• When the Americans “win” the war, the federalist lose support and die off as a political party. (Don’t worry. From the ashes, the philosophy of the federalists will live on!)

• In the 1824 presidential election, John Quincy Adams, a federalist, defeats war hero Andrew Jackson, who is a democratic-republican.

• Because the name “federalist” is no longer in favor, John Quincy Adams calls himself a democratic-republican.

• In the 1828 presidential race, Andrew Jackson runs against John Quincy’s bid for reelection. By now, supporters of Andrew Jackson called themselves Democrats. They wanted small government, and they opposed trade protection, national banks, and paper money.

• Supporters of John Quincy Adams called themselves National Republicans. They wanted a strong central government that would promote commerce and improve public works: roads, turnpikes, canals, harbors and navigation improvements.

Period 7: Took the exam and outlined chapter 14.


3rd period: Finished watching and discussing yesterday’s video

8th period:

Quietly, or with a partner, read sections 9.1-9.2, including the essential question and graphic organizer. Answer the following questions in your own words.

• List several ways the Romeros and Albas families live differently from each other. (With a partner: Predict why you think these two families live different. Record your answer in the journal.)

  • “Spatial inequality…is an unequal distribution of wealth or resources over a geographic area.”(With a partner: Explain what this means using the Romeros and Albas as examples. Record your answer in the journal)

• In what ways did the people of Tenochtitlan enjoy a high standard of living?

• What city replaced Tenochtitlan? What key factor caused this new city to rapidly urbanize? Explain how this urbanization happened.

Reflection: If the learning target is to understand the concept of spatial inequality, what words, phrases or sentences are showing my understanding?



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