Periods 1, 2 & 4:

(7th grade testing) Students finished document B. Document A & B will be discussed tomorrow and handed in.

First Read-through:

Between the two letters, what is the general attitude about Louisiana and Jefferson? (cite evidence)

Close-Read King’s letter:

  • “Since slavery is legal and exists in Louisiana, and the treaty states that we must protect the property of the inhabitants, won’t we be forced to admit the new states as slave states?” How exactly will the admission of Louisiana to the Union promote the spread of slavery?
  • “Doing so will worsen the problem of unequal representation from slave and free states.” How will the spread of slavery affect representation (8.7-8.8) between slave and free states in Congress? (cite evidence)

Make Connections: What similarities can you find between Pickering and Hamilton writings concerning their attitudes about Jefferson? (cite evidence)


Periods 7:

Studied for the exam next week.

Study for the Exam. (How?) With a partner, take turns role-playing a federalist and a democratic-republican. Write a dialogue (play), or interview each other, in which you discuss the how and the why of your involvement in each of the following topics:

* Articles of Confederation (8.1)

* Bill of Rights

* Right to vote

* Shays’s Rebellion

* Whiskey Rebellion

* French Revolution

* National Economy

* National Bank

* Alliance with Great Britain & France

* The Louisiana Purchase: slavery & land use


3rd period:

Part One (9.3):

• What is urban migration? How is the Ortiz family an example of this?

• What struggles do farmers face in Mexico’s countryside?

• Why do many farmers decide to migrate to the city?

Making connections to the reading: Return to the notes you took on the picture. Who do you think lives here? Why are the homes crowded together and made with cardboard, plastic and cinderblocks?

8th period:

Continued presentations.

Others finished the reflective assignment from yesterday. Others worked on the Chapter 9 outline (reading journal).


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