Smarter Balance testing (1 & 2nd periods)

4th & 7th periods:

Read a letter (document A) from Alexander Hamilton to the Saturday Evening Post entitled “Purchase of Louisiana”. This is an editorial meant to persuade the reading audience to his thinking.

First Read-through: Do you think Hamilton is in favor or against the purchase of Louisiana? (cite evidence)

Close-Read: How does Hamilton feel about Jefferson’s involvement? (cite evidence)

Close-Read: What is Hamilton’s attitude about the acquisition of New Orleans? (cite evidence) How does Hamilton feel about the rest of the territory? (cite evidence)

Make Connections: Explain the difference in attitude towards New Orleans and the rest of the territory. Review the core values of the federalists to help you cite your evidence.


“The purchase of New Orleans is essential to the peace and prosperity of our Western country, and opens a free and valuable market to our commercial states.

This purchase will probably make it seem like Mr. Jefferson is brilliant. Any man, however, who possesses any amount of intelligence, will easily see that the purchase is the result of lucky coincidences and unexpected circumstances and not the result of any wise or thoughtful actions on the part of Jefferson’s administration.

As to the vast region west of the Mississippi, it is a wilderness with numerous tribes of Indians. And when we consider the present territory of the United States, and that not one-sixteenth is yet under occupation, the possibility that this new purchase will be a place of actual settlement seems unlikely.

If our own citizens do eventually settle this new land, it would weaken our country and central government. On the whole, we can honestly say that this purchase is at best extremely problematic.”

–Alexander Hamilton


3rd period:

Completed part three of 9.3 reading activity wherein we determined where the neighborhood that we studied was located in Mexico City. Following this did a reflective writing assignment and handed it in.

In a paragraph, explain how you feel–so far– about spatial inequality. Use the farmers you have studied in 9.3 as part of your answer.

If the learning target is to understand the concept of spatial inequality, underline the words, phrases or sentences that show your understanding.

8th period:

Finished posters. Presentations are tomorrow.

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