Reviewed film notes and discussed the acquisition of the Louisiana Purchase through the eyes of the federalists and democratic republicans.

Why buy Louisiana?

Student Talk: What specific reasons would Thomas Jefferson have in spending 15 million dollars on the territory of Louisiana?

1. New Orleans is a gateway to the Mississippi River, which was vital to the young country’s economy, as water was the main form of transportation for the goods produced in the country.

2. America was an agricultural society, especially in the South. Money crops–tobacco, corn, and cotton–stripped the land of its minerals. Farmers would use up the land, gather their families and slaves, and move west to the next open plot of land. This migration began in the mid-1700s and reached its pinnacle a few decades after the Louisiana Purchase.

• How do you think Americans living in the western territories between the Appalachian Mountains and the Mississippi River favored the purchase? Explain why.

• How do you think federalists favored the purchase, considering that Jefferson purchased it? Explain why.


3rd period:

Finished yesterday’s questions for 9.3. Then we listened to an audio interview for neighborhood #1 and collected information on the following:

Population density

Green space per person

Percentage of homes built with good materials

Percentage of people over age 15 with education beyond primary school

Percentage of homes with water

Number of police officers


8th period:

Continued working on posters for presentations.


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