Film Notes: Guiding Questions

1. After France first claims the Louisiana territory, how do the French ultimately come to regard this land over the next one hundred years?

2. What is the primary attraction for American settlers to cross over the Appalachian mountains and push into Spanish territory? Explain why.

3. Why does France first attempt to reclaim this territory from Spain by planning an invasion of New Orleans?

4. Napoleon eventually reclaims Louisiana back into French possession. How does the Haitian slave revolution stop his military from invading New Orleans?

5. President Jefferson’s political enemies (federalists) demand that he take Louisiana by military force. How do they prepare for war?

6. How does President Jefferson take Louisiana without firing a shot?

7. Why and how do his political enemies (federalists) protest the purchase of the Louisiana territory?


3rd period:  Discussed 9.1 & 9.2.

Began reading 9.3.

• What is urban migration? How is the Ortiz family an example of this?

• What struggles do farmers face in Mexico’s countryside?

• Why do many farmers decide to migrate to the city?

Making connections to the reading: Return to the notes you took on the picture. Who do you think lives here? Why are the homes crowded together and made with cardboard, plastic and cinderblocks?

8th period: Labored on completing outlines & completing visual aides for presentations.

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