(periods 1, 2, 4)

Alexander Hamilton 11.4/Thomas Jefferson 11.5

“• What is my view of human nature?

• Who should lead our country?

• How strong should our national government be?

• What is the ideal economy?

• Is the establishment of a national bank constitutional? Why or why not?

• Should the United States ally itself with Great Britain or France? Why or why not?”

(period 7)

Finishing 11.4 & 11.5. For those finished, please read the additional reading at the end of the chapter “The President’s House”. Students should answer the following questions in their reading journals:

1. How did Thomas Jefferson’s ideas about how the president’s house should look reflect his ideas about the presidency?

2. How did George Washington’s ideas about how the president’s house should look reflect his ideas about the presidency?

3. If you were designing a house for the president today, what would it look like? How would its design reflect your ideas about the presidency?


3rd period:

Students are to outline chapter 9 in their reading journals. This entails a pre-reading and collection of title, chapter title sections/subsections, vocabulary words, maps, graphs, essential question. They should next indicate with a checkmark what they know from prior knowledge and question marks by information that is unfamiliar to them.

Prereading activity: Think of a city you have read about, or recently visited. In this space provided, draw and label some of its main features and where they are located. You could include buildings, main streets, major landmarks, neighborhoods, and homes. What are the best characteristics of the city? What are the worst characteristics of the city?

Quietly, or with a partner, read sections 9.1-9.2, including the essential question and graphic organizer. Answer the following questions in your own words.

• List several ways the Romeros and Albas families live differently from each other. (With a partner: Predict why you think these two families live different. Record your answer in the journal.)

  • “Spatial inequality…is an unequal distribution of wealth or resources over a geographic area.”(With a partner: Explain what this means using the Romeros and Albas as examples. Record your answer in the journal)

• In what ways did the people of Tenochtitlan enjoy a high standard of living?

• What city replaced Tenochtitlan? What key factor caused this new city to rapidly urbanize? Explain how this urbanization happened.

Reflection: If the learning target is to understand the concept of spatial inequality, what words, phrases or sentences are showing my understanding?


8th period:

Students are working on putting together a presentation on what they have learned about urban development. Most are done with #3 & #4 of the outline, using their City worksheet. At the end of class on Tuesday, they started working on the T-Chart worksheet for #5 of the outline. They need to complete this today.


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