US HISTORY: (7th grade MSP)

Continued working on Thursday’s (5/1/14) reading assignment.


3rd period continues with CBA group project for presentation next week. 8th period begins working on project today.

Since we all depend on the health of the environment, responsible citizens need to understand how humans affect–and are affected by–the environment. You will choose and study two cities and compare and/or contrast how their urban development (growth) impacted their physical environment (air, land, water).

• Select  two cities to examine:

• Explain the background of the two cities (location, population, type of rural fringe):

• Describe the urban development (growth) of each city.



• Describe how the urban development in each city affected the local environment:



• Complete ONE of the following:

1. Analyze how the impact of urban development on the local environment in each city is similar or different

2. Evaluate why at least one of the local environmental impacts in one city is more important than in the other city.

• Explain the main point you want to make about how the urban development of the two cities affect the local environment, in similar and/or different ways:

• Conclusion (final thought on urban development and what it all means for us today):

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