“How did the political beliefs of the federalists and democratic-republicans influence American policy at home and abroad?”


Early days of American Politics

• Two forms of political thinking evolved during the days of the Articles of Confederation: federalists versus the democratic-republicans.

1. Federalists favored a strong central government. They were dissatisfied with the failings of the Articles of Confederation. Many federalists were urban, educated and wealthy, like Alexander Hamilton.

2. Republicans favored state’s rights. They viewed a strong central government as a threat to their way of life. Many republicans were small farmers and rural plantation owners who favored slavery as a necessity, like Thomas Jefferson.

After the Constitution was passed, republicans demanded amendments to guarantee personal freedoms in order to protect them from a strong central government.

Hence, the Bill of Rights were created and amended to the constitution as the first 10 amendments.


3rd period: MSP Testing. No class

8th period: Finished project-presentations for Toronto. Wrote a self-reflection paragraph.


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