Chapter 11 reading journal outlines.


3rd period-

Present Toronto projects to the class.

Together in your special interest groups, read 5.8. Identify THREE concerns facing Atlanta. Which part of the city are most affected by these problems?

Read the rest of 5.8. Identify THREE policies the city planners considered on how to best solve their problem. What policy would be best for Atlanta? Explain three reasons for choosing this policy.

Assessment: How am I demonstrating my special interest group’s philosophy?

8th period-

Planning Commissions:

1. Present your group’s plan. Cite your reasons for the plan. Clearly explain your ideas.

2. Listen to the presentations from other commission members. What points do they make that agree with yours?

3. Decide which plan is best. Defend your plan to the group. If necessary, make compromises until your group decides on the best plan possible to help your city. This plan can be a composite of different portions of several plans.

4. Create a poster for your presentation, which will be tomorrow.



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