Outline of CBA paper/presentation:

*Main conflict I wish to address:

*Position, or main point, I wish to make about the conflict and its causes:

*Conflict Background:

• who was involved in the conflict

• what the conflict was

• when the conflict took place

• where the conflict took place

*Causes of the Conflict (cite evidence from text):



*Results of the Conflict (cite evidence from text):



*Reason(s) for my position:

Analyze how the conflict may not have occurred if not for one or more of the main causal factors to support the position


Evaluate why at least one factor is more important than others.

*Conclusion (final thought on the conflict, the causes, and what it all means for us today):


5.6 Toronto, Ontario, 1999:

Together in your special interest groups, read 5.6. Identify THREE concerns facing Toronto in 1999. Record them. Identify what part of the city is most affected by that problem: urban core, urban fringe, rural fringe.

Assessment: How have I shown an understanding of the concerns faced by Toronto?


5.6 Toronto, Ontario, 1999:

Student Talk: Together in your special interest groups please review the challenges that Toronto faced in 1999. Read the rest of 5.6 and identify THREE policies the city planners considered on how to best control urban sprawl. Collect these for your reading journal.

• Based on your group’s philosophy, what policy would be best for Toronto?

• Explain three reasons for choosing this policy.




Assessment: How am I demonstrating my special interest group’s philosophy?



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