For the past five months you have been studying the creation of the United States of America, from Columbus to James Madison. At the core of this are conflicts, wherein two cultures or ideas collide and fight each other for dominance.

Below are THREE of the major conflict areas we have studied. Select the conflict area that most interests you.

    #1 The Columbian Exchange (European colonists v. Americans indians)

    #2 The Colonists and The British Government (American colonists v. British government)

    #3 Forming a New Union (representation: slave states/small states versus free states/large states)

• What is the conflict of your chosen conflict-area? Describe this conflict in a complete sentence. For example (#1): “The conflict of the Columbian Exchange is the depletion of Native American lands, resources and population by white European settlers through invasion, disease, and slavery.”

• What are the causes of the conflict? Cite at least TWO causes for the conflict. For example (#2): “The British government was deeply in debt following the French & Indian War, and they needed tax revenues to get out of debt. Additionally, the British government needed to keep settlers out of indian lands. This meant new laws to prevent settlements west of the Appalachian Mountains.”

• Based on the conflict you have chosen and the causes of that conflict, what position (main idea) do you want to make about this conflict? For example (#3): “The failure of the Second Continental Congress to create a strong central government led to the demise of the Articles of Confederation and the creation of the US Constitution.”

A conflict can have many causes. To avoid and resolve conflicts, it helps to understand these causes. You will develop a position in which you explain the causes of a conflict.

In a cohesive paper or presentation, you will:

• State a position on the main causes of a conflict:

• Provide background on the conflict by describing three or more of the following:

  • who was involved in the conflict
  • what the conflict was
  • when the conflict took place
  • where the conflict took place

• Provide background on the causes of the conflict by explaining two or more factors that helped cause the conflict.

• Provide reason(s) for your position that include:

  • An analysis of how the conflict may not have occurred if not for one or more of the main causal factors to support the position OR
  • An evaluation of why at least one factor is more important than others.

• Make explicit references within the paper or presentation to three or more credible sources that provide relevant information AND cite sources within the paper, presentation, or bibliography.



Reviewed core philosophies of special interest groups

5.5 Portland Plans for Smart Growth:

Return to your special interest group. Together, read 5.5 and find out what Portland did to solve their problem.

Portland chose to:

The results of this policy were:




Assessment: In what ways has Portland’s plan aligned with the core philosophy of my special interest group? In what ways is it different?



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