Study for the 8.7-8.10 quiz by having your group create your own quiz using 8 multiple choice questions.

• First, review the assignment questions & answers for 8.7-8.10 in your reading journal. What eight questions cover the most important information?

• Second, create questions over content that you feel is most important to know.

• Third, create 4 possible answers for each question. The answers should be directly or indirectly related to the question, but only one answer should be the MOST correct.

Assessment: If the learning target is to effectively study for 8.7-8.10 quiz, how are my own questions and answers meeting this target?


Completed planning commission presentations. (Will present these tomorrow and Wednesday.) Completed self-reflection on project:

1. What plan did the commission decide on, and why?

2. What parts of this plan agree with the core philosophy of your special interest group?

3. What parts are in opposition to your core philosophy?

4. Explain why you feel this decision is helpful or hurtful to the urban development of Portland.





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