(See yesterday’s assignment, which is due today.)

When complete, return to 8.8 and complete. We will discuss it on Wednesday.

• Briefly describe the three-fifths compromise in 8.8:

1. Who proposed it?

2. What was the dispute?

3. How did it settle the dispute?

• Why did northern delegates favor “broad congressional powers” to control trade between the states and other countries? Why did this make “southern delegates nervous”?

• How did north and south compromise?


“Explain in a quickwrite paragraph three important ideas that you have learned about your special interest group’s core philosophy. When finished writing, share them with your group members. Add anything you have learned through the group share to your paragraph. Hand them in.”

5.4 Portland, Oregon, 1973:

Together in your special interest groups, read 5.4. Identify THREE challenges facing Portland in 1973. Record them. Label each one according to which part of the city are most affected by that problem. Assessment: How am I demonstrating understanding of the concerns Portland faced?


Student Talk: Together in your special interest groups please review the challenges that Portland faced in 1973. Read the rest of 5.4 and identify THREE policies the city planners considered on how to best grow. Collect these for your reading journal.

• Based on your group’s philosophy, what policy would be best for Portland?

• Explain three reasons for choosing this policy.




Assessment: How am I demonstrating my special interest group’s philosophy?


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