Use the guiding questions to collect notes on the video:

1. To where were the fewest slaves exported?

2. Who actually captured and sold Africans into slavery? (How did the slave trade work?)

3. Identify conditions on a slave ship.

4. What types of work did slaves perform? What primary products did slaves labor to produce?

5. How did the population of slaves in the Americas actually grow?

6. What does “chattel slavery” mean?

7. How did Romans and Greeks promote the concept of slavery? How did southern Christians use the bible to slavery?

Assessment: If the learning target is to understand the concept of slavery and how it worked under the Atlantic slave trade, how do my notes help me meet this target?

Assessment: Use examples from your notes to clearly show YOUR understanding of slavery & the Atlantic slave trade, according to the video

Explain your understanding in ONE of the following ways:

1) Paragraph (Sentences): 3-4 examples

2) Graphic (words, phrases, sentences, pictures, and symbols, numbers, shapes): 3-4 examples

3) Cartoon (panel art, text, characters, setting): 3-4 examples


Present special interest group development ideas for Onalaska

5.4 Portland, Oregon, 1973:

Together in your special interest groups, read 5.4. Identify THREE challenges facing Portland in 1973. Record them. Label each one according to which part of the city are most affected by that problem. Assessment: How am I demonstrating understanding of the concerns Portland faced?




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