Finished 8.7 and discussed it. 4th and 7th periods began working on 8.8:

(8.8 is a hand-in assignment due Monday.)

• Briefly describe the three-fifths compromise in 8.8:

1. Who proposed it?

2. What was the dispute?

3. How did it settle the dispute?

• Why did northern delegates favor “broad congressional powers” to control trade between the states and other countries? Why did this make “southern delegates nervous”?

• How did north and south compromise?


Continued yesterday’s special interest group project.

• Based on your philosophy, what changes would you make to Onalaska? “What are our concerns? Ideas for development? Ideas on the environment? Plans for future growth?”

• Write these down, either on paper or a poster, and present them to the class on Monday.

Assessment: If the learning target is to understand the core philosophy of my special interest group, how am I meeting this target?


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