Quiz over 8.1-8.3

Today’s assignment:

Quietly, or with a partner, read sections 8.4, including graphics, pictures and vocabulary. Discuss these questions to clarify any confusion about them. If you so choose, work together to answer them in complete sentences.

• The delegates were committed to the ideals of the declaration of independence. What were these ideals?

• How was the issue of representation left unanswered as the convention began?

• Quote: “Many delegates wanted to keep the government close to the people by preserving the rights of the states.” Why?

• Why did other delegates, like James Madison, want a stronger national government?

Assessment: If the learning target is to understand the ideals and concerns of the constitutional fathers during the convention, how does my answer meet this target?


GeoTerms for 5.2 due today.

1. Rewrite the definition in our own words. (How do I do that?)

2. Create a word map associating the GeoTerm with other similar meaning words. (How do I do that?)

3. Correctly use the GeoTerm in a sentence that demonstrates its meaning. (How do I do that?)


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