Discussed 8.2 assignment from yesterday. Completed and discussed 8.3.

(8.3) Briefly describe the problem the states faced under the Articles of Confederation.

(8.3) For what reason did Daniel Shays and other farmers lead a rebellion? How was it ended?

(8.3) How did Congress react? (Use James Madison as part of your answer.)

Some classes will discuss 8.3 tomorrow, just before the quiz.

Tomorrow: Quiz over 8.1-8.3


3rd period:

Quietly, or with a partner, read section 5.1, including the essential question and graphic organizer. Answer the following questions in your own words.

• What is a suburb?

• How are suburbs created?

• What is urban sprawl?”

• According to the graphic organizer, inside which of the three rings does a suburb exist?

Those who finished early began the GeoTerm assignment for 5.2

8th period: Completed and discussed 5.1 and began GeoTerm assignment


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