We did a review of the last four chapters.

We played a game where the class pretended to be the new government of a new nation and attempted to vote on certain items, such as name of the country, national song and national food. This simulated the difficulties that the Congress faced under the Articles of Confederation. Each class could rarely come to a consensus on any vote.

We took notes on the following in our chapter eight reading journals:

Challenges faced by Congress under its first constitution after independence:

• Congress was composed of 13 states.

• Each state had one vote in Congress.

• Congress dealt with many problems, such as how to develop the western lands acquired from the British after the war.

• Congress failed to resolve disputes between states over taxes and boundaries.

• Many citizens were concerned that the government was too weak.

 We then began 8.1, which we will finish in class tomorrow:

• What task did state leaders face after the war’s end?

• Why did most members of the Continental Congress fear a strong central government?

• “On paper, the Articles of Confederation gave Congress several powers.” What are these?

• “In reality…these powers were limited…” Explain how.


(3rd Period): 

Using the information you have collected, explain how freshwater shortages are hurting countries around the world. Explain your answer in ONE of the following ways:

1) Paragraph (sentences) 3 examples

2) Cartoon Strip (drawings, text, characters) 3 examples

(8th Period): We did reading journal outlines for Chapter 5.

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