Completed yesterday’s reading journal assessment.

Began journaling for Unit 3 overview, chapters 8-9.


3rd period: Assembly

8th period:

Reading Journal review. 4.4, 4.5 & 4.6: What have I learned?

Quietly, or with a partner, read section 4.7, including graphics and pictures.

• Find 3-5 direct quotes that shows the problems countries face in managing freshwater ecosystems around the world. Explain these quotes in your own words.

Student Talk: What strategies can I use to help me complete this assignment?

Using the information you have collected, explain how freshwater shortages are hurting countries around the world. Explain your answer in ONE of the following ways:

1) Paragraph (sentences) 2-3 examples

2) Cartoon Strip (drawings, text, characters) 2-3 examples


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