Chapter 6 Reading Journal: “What have I learned?”

In a few sentences each, explain in your READING JOURNAL what you remember about the following:

• 6.3: Olive Branch Petition & Common Sense

• 6.4: The Declaration of Independence

• 6.5: Jefferson’s anti-slavery passage

Learning Target: Understand how the colonists went from a disorganized band of militia men to a skilled and determined army able to defeat the world’s greatest military superpower.

Watch film: America, the story of us: Revolution

1. What serious obstacles does the colonial army face?

2. What tactics do colonial militias use in the American Frontier to bring the British army to its knees?

3. How did foreigner Major General von Stueben aid the colonial armies?

4. What tactic did Washington use to get the upper hand on the British Armies?


3rd period:

“Based on your research of direct quotes in your two-sided journal, is the region of the Great Lakes improving, or is it still in terrible shape?”

Explain your answer in a paragraph. State your big point and explain it using a direct quote and an indirect quote from your collected evidence. Cite your evidence.

8th period:

• A indirect quote is when you take what someone said–from an interview, book, movie or song–and summarize it in your own words.

• When using an indirect quote in your own writing, you must always explain who said it, including the source and page number.

• Rewrite the direct quotes you’ve collected in your own words in the summary column of your two sided-journal.

• How are the conditions of pollution (4.4), invasive species (4.5) and habitat loss (4.6) improving in the Great Lakes’ region?

• Record 1-2 examples each and put them in your two-sided journal.

• Do these examples show improvement?

• Cite the chapter & section and page number.

• Summarize them.





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