Final versions of political sketches due today.


3rd period: 

• How are the conditions of pollution (4.4), invasive species (4.5) and habitat loss (4.6) improving in the Great Lakes’ region?

• Record 1-2 examples each and put them in your two-sided journal.

• Do these examples show improvement?

• Cite the chapter & section and page number.

• Summarize them.

8th period:

Find 1 or 2 direct quotes that show how Invasive Species (4.5) & Habitat Loss (4.6) are affecting the Great Lakes’ ecosystem. Record them in your two-sided journal. Cite chapter/section and page number.


• A indirect quote is when you take what someone said–from an interview, book, movie or song–and summarize it in your own words.

• When using an indirect quote in your own writing, you must always explain who said it, including the source and page number.


• Summarize the direct quotes you’ve collected into your own words. Put these on the right hand side of the journal.



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