Revising rough sketches:

What do we focus on in order to move our rough sketch from 5-6,7-8 to 9-10?

1. Cartoon should express a strong opinion on the issue of slavery, as addressed in 6.5. (What is the cartoon’s overall message about slavery?)

2. Cartoon needs Northern & Southern Delegates and African Slave expressing their POV on slavery. (How are the characters contributing to the message in what they say and do?)

3. Cartoon needs setting (background, clothing, etc.) to set the time period in 1775. (How do I add this element?)

Final sketch is due end of class on Tuesday.


Find 1 or 2 direct quotes that show how Invasive Species (4.5) are affecting the Great Lakes’ ecosystem. Record them in your two-sided journal. Cite chapter/section and page number.

Student Talk:

1. Where in 4.5 can we close-read for direct quotes on Invasive Species affecting the Great Lakes?

(find 1 or 2 direct quotes)

2. Are these quotes showing how Invasive Species affects the Great Lakes?

3. Have we properly cited the quote’s source and page #?

Repeat the previous steps to find 1 or 2 direct quotes showing how Habitat Loss (4.6) is affecting the Great Lakes’ ecosystem.

• A indirect quote is when you take what someone said–from an interview, book, movie or song–and summarize it in your own words.

• When using an indirect quote in your own writing, you must always explain who said it, including the source and page number.

• Rewrite the direct quotes you’ve collected in your own words in the summary column of your two sided-journal.


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