Half-day: A-Schedule:

US HISTORY (periods 1, 2, 4)

Discussed 2 more political cartoons:

1. What is the setting? (clothing, situation, time of day, season, year)

2. Who is the main character? What is he doing? Saying? Who does he represent?

3. What are the other characters saying or doing? Who do they represent?

4. What point is the author trying to make?

Project: Create a political cartoon that expresses your point of view on the slavery issue, as described in 6.5:

• Create three characters: Northern Delegate, Southern Delegate & African Slave.

• Have the delegates express why they opposed Jefferson’s passage about slavery using the information from 6.5.

• How would the slave respond to the delegates?

• Create a setting for your characters to help support your main point.

• Arrange the layout of the characters, text, and background for clarity.

• Label your characters so your audience can identify them.

• Do a rough sketch in pencil, due by the end of class tomorrow.


(8th period watched this on 2/13/14)

3rd period: Watched documentary on how the Great Lakes were formed.

Guiding Questions: Notes

1. How are the Great Lakes linked together into a single system?

2. What natural forces helped create the Great Lakes?

3. How did these natural forces accomplish this?

4. What is “Lake Iroquois”?


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