Discussed: For what reasons did the northern and southern delegates oppose Jefferson’s first draft passage regarding slavery?

Discussed 2 political cartoons using the following guiding questions:

Student Talk:

1. What is the setting? (clothing, buildings, time of day, season, year)

2. Who is the main character? What is she doing? Saying? Who does she represent?

3. What are the other characters saying or doing? Who do they represent?

4. What point is the author trying to make?


Discussed yesterday’s assignment:

Read 4.6 together, including all pictures and graphics. Work together to do the following:

• Explain the meaning of habitat.

• Identify ways habitat has been lost in the Great Lakes region.

• List the ways that habitat has been restored and protected.

Watched Bill Nye video on Wetlands and took notes on the following:

1) How do wetlands control floods?

2) How do wetlands clean the water?

3) How do wetlands provide homes for wildlife?


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