Chapter 5 Reading Journal Assessment: “What have I learned?”

In a few sentences each, explain in your READING JOURNAL what you remember about the following:

• The Stamp Act

• The Quartering Act

• The Townshend Act

• The Tea Act (Boston Tea Party)

• The Intolerable Acts

• Lexington & Concord


Read 6.3: Describe in your own words both the Olive Branch Petition incident and the pamphlet Common Sense. Use John Adams and Thomas Paine as part of your evidence.


Making Connections: Explain how the actions taken by King George III might have influenced Thomas Paine to write Common Sense.


Read 4.4 together, including all pictures and graphics. Work together to do the following:

• Identify the sources of pollution in the Great Lakes. Label them as point-source or non-point-source.

• List the ways that pollution remains a problem in the Great Lakes.

• List the ways that pollution has been reduced.

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