Watch the following videos and answer these questions in your reading journals

1. What role did the Proclamation Line of 1763 play as a first step towards rebellion against the crown?

2. What was the Great Awakening? How did it help hasten the rebellion against the crown?

3. If it wasn’t taxes themselves that upset the colonists, then why did they rebel against the crown?

4. What role did the First Continental Congress play in the growing rebellion?

5. How did the pamphlet Common Sense contribute to the idea of independence?


Student Talk: What are the purposes of an introduction, main body and conclusion in an essay?

Read 4.3

• Listen to the read-through of the story. What is the story’s main point? What parts of the story do you most remember?

• Read each section. For each section, write a one sentence summary of the main idea. List the examples that support each main idea. (What strategies will you use to help your reading comprehension?) MODEL

• Identify the introduction, main body (supporting sections), and the conclusion. What purpose do each of these three serve the subject of the essay?



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