Read 5.4, 5.6: Describe in your own words the purpose of the Townshend and Tea Acts. Critical Thinking: Explain how one lead to the other.

Read 5.5; 5.6: Critical Thinking: Explain how acts of protest get their point across and how they go horribly wrong. Use the Boston Massacre and the Boston Tea Party as part of your evidence.

Activity: Add the following items to your flowchart: Boston Tea Party, Townshend Acts, Tea Acts, & Boston Massacre. Place these in their proper sequence.


8th period (Wednesday half-day):

Student Talk: What are the purposes of an introduction, main body and conclusion in an essay?

• Listen to the read-through of the story. What is the story’s main point? What parts of the story do you most remember?

• Read each section. For each section, write a one sentence summary of the main idea. List the examples that support each main idea. (What strategies will you use to help your reading comprehension?)

 3rd/8th: (Thursday-Friday):

Practice test for the new Smarter Assessments.

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