Handed in paragraph for the film we watched last week.

Read 5.3:

• What two problems did the British government face following the end of the French and Indian War?

• Describe in your own words the actions taken by the British to manage these problems and the reaction of the colonists to these methods.

Use the Proclamation of 1763, The Stamp Act, and The Quartering Act as part of your evidence. (What strategies can you use to understand the question or read the text for understanding?

[We will complete and hand in this assignment tomorrow.]


Quietly read section 4.2, including graphics and maps on p. 66-67.

• What is a watershed? How do the Great Lakes act as a watershed?

• In your own words explain what a food chain is and how it works. How can pollution interfere with the food chain?

[Extra credit] • Critical Thinking: How could pollution interfere with the ecosystem of the Great Lakes? (4.1 & 4.2)

(We will finish this tomorrow)

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