Film: Liberty! The American Revolution.

Guiding questions for note taking:

1. How did the colonists see themselves in relation to Great Britain and the King?

2. What was the economic and social conditions of the colonies? (Note: What does Ben Franklin say on this matter?)

3. In what ways did the ruling class of England look down on people like Franklin and Washington?

4. Why are heavy taxes (Stamp Act) laid upon the colonies? How do colonists react? What does Britain do? (Declaratory Act)

5. How does the war of words escalate into a war of armed conflict?


Quietly read section 4.1, including the essential question and graphic organizer.

Explain WHY the Great Lakes are a freshwater ecosystem. How can people best use and protect freshwater ecosystems like the Great Lakes?

(How do I answer the questions? What do I look for?) Look for and study the following information: how the Great Lakes were formed, ecosystem, freshwater, glaciers, graphic organizer & satellite picture.


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